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Industry Panel Discussion

Date: 12 December 2023 | Time: 16:30 to 17:30

Panel Session: Trends for Future Satellite Communication Links and how to Design, Manufacture and Measure them: an Industry Perspective

Satellite communication (SATCOM) links, including Low Earth Orbit (LEO) based Non-Terrestrial (NTN)
communication are critical for the 5G/6G landscape, providing
mobile communication everywhere and minimizing the
geolocational digital divide. Space X (through Starlink),
OneWeb and Amazon (through Kuiper) are currently rolling
out LEO based systems to provide high data connectivity in
rural and isolated locations throughout the world. This in
conjunction with companies like SES and Intelsat that use GEO
(Geostationary Earth Orbit) and mid-orbit satellite gateways
promise to significantly improve global connectivity.

In this interactive panel session we bring together experts from
the satellite technology development industry as well as from the
software and measurement industries to openly discuss their
views on what innovations are required from the antenna and
microwave communities to realize future wireless networks
involving SATCOM as well as how we can accurately design and
measure the essential components of these systems.


1. Dr Rod Waterhouse, Octane Wireless
2. Dr Debabani Choudhury, Intel Labs
3. Professor Debatosh Guha, University of Calcutta


1. Dr. Rajeev Jyoti, (IN-SPACe)
2. Dr. Milind Mahajan, (SAC/ISRO)
3. Dr. Ramesh Gupta, (Ligado Networks)
4. Lars Jacob Foged, Scientific Director, (Microwave Vision Group)
5. Dr Charlotte Blair, (Ansys)
6. Rahul Vatts, (Director OneWeb)
7. Bharti Patel (Chief Regulatory Officer)


Dr. Debabani Choudhury, Intel; (MTT-S representative)
Prof. Debatosh Guha, University of Calcutta; (AP-S Representative)

This Industry Panel Session is sponsored by the
AP-S Industry Initiatives Committee
MTT-S Industry Engagements Committee
AP-S Antennas Measurements Committee
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