Special Session on 6G


As 5G systems are getting deployed in major parts of the world, academia and industry have initiated research activities towards conceptualizing a 6G communication system. In an overall sense, 6G vision is to make the world hyper-connected: a world that presents rich-media content. On one hand, exponential growth of cutting-edge technologies such as Next-gen Networks, AI, IoT, Robotics are driving a directional shift in the industry. On the other hand, Tera-Hertz Communication would entail enabling technologies: from newer materials in wireless devices to larger antenna arrays in base stations. Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces (IRSs) that tune the wireless propagation environment with an array of IRS units are expected to play a critical area in 6G system design. Energy-efficiency will further demand associated system improvement in IC and RF technologies from ADC-DAC to low-loss antennas. In this panel, we will deliberate upon the opportunities and challenges around 6G enabling technologies as well as future standard development.

Session Chair:

Dr. Aloknath De, FNAE, Exec Consulting Director and ex-CTO---Samsung India


Prof. K J Vinoy, ECE Dept, IISc, Bangalore.

Invited Speakers:

  • Dr. Tushar Sharma, Renesas USA, "Shaping the 5G and Beyond Ecosystem in India"
  • Dr. Kiran Mukkavilli, Qualcomm USA, "Technology Enablers and Roadmap to 6G"

Panel Discussion:

Moderator Dr. Aloknath De, Samsung
Panelists Dr. Tushar Sharma, Renesas
Dr. Kiran Mukkavilli, Qualcomm
Mr. Santhosh Kumar, TI
Mr. Akshay Aggarwal, MediaTek