Workshop-2 on Fundamentals of Antenna Measurements

Date: Dec 12, 2022, 8.30-17.30 Hall: Varuna

Time (Hrs) Topics Description
08.30 - 10.30 Fundamentals of Spectrum Analyzer
  • What is a Spectrum Analyzer?
  • Prerequisite Basic Fundamentals
  • Main platform types of Spectrum and Signal Analysers
  • Main functional blocks and related roles in the Spectrum Analyzer
  • Input Attenuator, Preamplifier, Low Pass Filter
  • Local Oscillator, Mixer, Resolution BW and Video BW
  • Signal Detection, Trace types
  • Main functions/measurements of a Spectrum Analyzer
  • Frequency Domain: Channel Power, Occupied Bandwidth, ACPR
  • Time Domain (Zero SPAN), Limits, Spectrogram
  • Real Time Spectrum Analyzer
  • Practical Applications: Measurement of unknown signals, Analog Modulation, Digital Modulations & 5G NR and LTE
10.30 -11.00 Tea Break
11.00-13.00 Fundamentals of Vector Network Analyzer & Characterization of antenna using VNA Basics of Transmission Line
  • VNA for Passive and Active device
  • VNA Architecture
  • Basic Measurements
13.00 -14.00 Lunch Break
14.00-16.00 Fundamentals of Power Meter Power Meter and it's function
16.00 -16.30 Tea Break
16.30-17.30 Basic of 5G and Testing requirements 5G Generation and Testing